Pool Cues How to Pick The Right One For You

When you play pool at your local pub some of the cues on offer are that beat up that you may as well be playing with a broom you are a regular player you will one day want to buy your own cue. Here are a few tips to help you with your decision.There are dozens of brands on the market ranging from $50 to $5000 so which is the best for you? Ist of all you should consider what price range you can afford.Remember this can be like buying a new driver for golf just because it has a $1000 price tag doesn’t guarantee that you will hit the ball any straighter or further.

You also have to take into consideration whether you want a one piece or two piece cue. A one piece cue will usually be made of wood or graphite but can be hard to travel with. A two piece cue as the name implies comes in two pieces and usually comes in a custom made cue case. A lot of pros use cues made from lighter materials such as graphite and carbon fibre. It is advised that the beginner or amature player use a wooden slightly heavier cue to give the player more control over his shots. Personally i would go with a medium price range and nothing too fancy,and while your in the shop dont be shy about asking advice from the you have unlinited funds you can have a custom made cue made with specfic weight and claim to help you shoot straighter and with more consistently.

But you have to ask yourself if spending 100s of dollars will actually help your main thing that will help your game is practice and knowledge of the gameSome cues are even embedded with a personal serial number. Anyway in not writing this article to promote any particular brand or company but i would like you to consider the few little friendly tips i have given bottom line is ignore brands and find and buy a cue that fits your needs and budget.