Billiards is The Beginning of a Great Game

It is believed that the game of billiards originated some time during the 15th century in France and spread to England. This was a form of entertainment for the Europeans. At that time people liked lawn games such as lawn bowling which eventually grew into a game similar to croquet. Over the years, the game was moved indoors and raised off the floor to a table height. The problem with playing billiards on a table was the balls kept rolling off, so wooden rails or bumpers were attached to the table’s edges to keep the balls in play. The first pool table dates back to around 1470 when King Louis XI had one. King Louis’ pool table had only one pocket in the middle of the table. By the 1500’s, pool tables were common in taverns and public places in France. Around 1600 another modification was made with the addition of rubber strips to the wooden side rails. These were used as cushions to give the balls added bounce when hitting the edges of the table. The rubber also served to protect the wood edges from chipping.

Cushions, also called Rail Cushions, were located on the inner side of a table’s wooden rails. The cushions were made from a vulcanized rubber (gum or synthetic). The purpose was to cause the billiard balls to rebound off the rubber while minimizing the loss of kinetic energy. The profile of the rail cushion which is the angle in relation to the bed of the table varies between table types. The standard American pool table has a base of 1-3/16″ and a nose height of 1″. This causes the balls’ rebound to be somewhat predictable during game play.

A green cloth covered the table to look like the color of the lawn. The pockets were initiated on to the table in place of the targets from the lawn game. The object of the game then became to use one ball to hit the other balls into the pockets. Since that time, more pockets have been added until the current number of six pockets evolved.

As an interesting note, during Civil War times results of pool games were more widely read than war news. Professional pool players assisted in furthering the popularity of the game creating a myth of a pool shark or hustler. Pool has emerged into a game that has seen many changes in technology and socialization since then.

Around 1826 a dramatic change was made to the pool table and an Englishman invented the slate bed which made for a much smoother surface to play on. The slate used in the tables is mined from quarries, mostly in China, and sent to factories for inspection as only the best pieces are used in the pool tables. The slate is cut and planed to its desired thickness then drilled with diamond drill bits that cut 18 nail bolts and 6 pockets at one time. A grinding machine then smoothes the surface and refines the thickness of the slate. The edges are beveled by hand.

The popularity of the game increased as more people took interest. In America, billiards became popular in the 19th century. There were books written about billiards and rules to guide players. Eventually, a company began manufacturing the equipment to play and the game became known as pool. The name “pool” denotes a bet or ante that is made on the game.

Optimal Pool Table ..

Jm billiards CO. have no boundaries when it comes to creativeness. The round pool table are now here and the possibilities are endless! The California-based JM Billiard Company has taken away traditional pool tables, and place a spin on them. Their ROUND pool tables are the start of its newest pool table providing a tricky twist to the traditional game of pool.Havent got word of the round pool table until now? where have you been? The first round pool table was constructed over 35 years ago and debuted on the Steve Allen TV show in 1970, followed a few years after by The Los Angeles Times, Popular Mechanics, and the television program Whats My Line. The more new TV appearances have been CBSs -The Price Is Right and MTVs -Fantasy Factory.Custom round billiard tables are made with six pockets evenly spaced along the playing surface and the B.C.A. (Billiard Congress of America) specs have been put on, where relevant. JM Billiard offers all of their game tables in three sizings; 6 foot, 7 foot, and 8 foot diameters. Like each of the round pool tables made up by Jm Billiard Company, They built a seven inches straight bank into each railing, these banks produces loads of your bank shot these straight banks support the balls from moving along the table’s rail They constructed this banks for you to play the said game you do on a traditional rectangular pool table to this latest round pool different thing that positions JM Billiard distinct from some other billiard table companies is their options for customizing your billiard table. You can customize any portion of your pool table to your own personal likes from an assortment of several materials the expressive style and carvings of the base or legs of the table the choice of wood to use the cloth or felt of the of the table surface adding up logo design or portrait and so many more. In short every client can take his own personalize extraordinary pool table that they preferred and dream for!For the adult customers, you might be more interested in the rated-R version of the round pool tables. JM Billiard is genius in offering add-on to their tables, like a stripper-pole attachment! Now your pool table doubles up as a party object, if you know what I am saying. If palying cards is what you wish for JM Billiard Company also has a good attachment add-on to your table your very own poker game table top If you desire to place away the pool balls, and put on your poker face- JM Billiard has the right addition for your game room. And this year they are planning to release a new poker table top This new feature will grant the round pool table to switch into a poker table with a few easy measures. So gather your friends for a game of pool and poker!

The Power of a Snooker Cue

When it comes to playing a sport, the kind of equipment that you use can mean the difference between playing as a fun hobby or playing in the hopes of becoming somewhat more professional. Football is probably the classic example of this attitude. But this can also apply to sports that don’t often get much attention, such as snooker. Most people have probably played snooker and/or pool at some point in their life, perhaps in their local pub or labour club. What one often finds in these types of establishments, however, is that the snooker cues can often be over used and not really up to the standards which someone who takes the sport more seriously may expect.

In this instance it may be a good idea to invest in a high quality snooker cue to suit your playing needs. If you are looking to improve your own equipment then there are a multitude of places you can visit on the internet that can cater to your requirements. Whether you just want something that is of a greater quality, such as The Ronnie O’Sullivan Signature Series, you have specific needs in mind (maybe you need a 2-piece cue that you can dismantle for easier carrying) or if you just fancy having a cue something unique to you and want to design your own cue, then you can visit a specialist website for your snooker cue fix. And of course, no professional, top notch cue would be complete without its own stylish carry case to help you transport your equipment from game to game.

But don’t think that purchasing a professional looking snooker or pool cue means that you have to be an expert player (or at least working towards it). Many cues are suited for the average – or even beginner – snooker player. Also don’t forget that it’s not just snooker cues that make the player. There are a variety of other accessories one can purchase. Whether it’s a set of snooker balls, chalk cubes, your own scoreboard or even an entire snooker table, it’s easier than ever these days to purchase all manner of equipment and accessories for your chosen sport. You can even purchase something for that snooker enthusiast in your life as a gift!

Support Your Local Bartender

There was once a guy who went into a bar with a racehorse. After boozing it up all evening, the bartender was expecting something in return for the impeccable service he had provided the guy all night. He didn’t even complain that the steed was taking up three stools and never ordering anything but a sugar cube now-and-again.

At last call, the patron called over the barkeep, “You’ve been great all night!” The server nodded. That’s when the drunk said to him, “I’ve got a tip for you. Bet on this stallion in the third at Pimlico.”

Nice fella.

How to Tip

When you give your bartender a tip, you’re showing one of two things: You have no class or you’re a real stand-up guy. It’s a test of character to leave behind something appropriate for the service. You have a high degree of social grooming even if you’re popped off your butt. Since a show of monetary appreciation is a portion of what they get paid by the boss, you want to be a swell and not a swine.

Ever Checked Out A JM Billiard Game Tables?!

The JM Billiard Co. really have no boundaries when it comes to creativity. The round pool table are now here and and you can customize it anyway you want. The California-based JM Billiard Company has taken away traditional pool tables, and place a spin on them. Their ROUND billiard tables are the first of its kind offering a tricky turn to the traditional game of pool.

Never seen of the round pool table until now? where have you been? The original round billiard table was constructed over 35 years ago and debuted on the Steve Allen tv show in 1970, followed several years later by The Los Angeles Times, Popular Mechanics, and the TV show Whats My Line.

The most new TV shows have been CBSs -The Price Is Right and MTVs -Fantasy Factory.Custom-made round billiard tables are made with 6 pockets evenly spaced around the playing surface and the B.C.A. (Billiard Congress of America) standards always been implemented, where applicable. JM Billiard provides all of their game tables in 3 sizes of it; 6 foot, 7 foot, and 8 foot diameters. Like every last of the round pool tables made up by Jm Billiard Company, there is a 7 inches straight bank builded up into every rails. These accurate banks produce a plenty of your bank shots and maintain the balls from moving along the rail.

They made up this banks for you to execute the identical game you do on a traditional rectangular pool table to this modern round pool special thing that marks JM Billiard separated from some other billiard table companies is their choices for customizing your game table. You may customize any part of your pool table to your own personal wishes from a mixture of several materials the style and cuttings of the base or legs of the table the choice of wood to utilize the cloth or felt of the of the table surface bringing up logo design or portrait and so much more. In short all client can get his own personalize unusual pool table that they preferred and aspiring for!For the grownup customers, you may be more such interested in the rated-R variant of the round billiard tables.

JM Billiard has a genius idea of creating a perfect pool table for grownups with its stripper-pole attachment to your table now your table doubles as a party table so you can have a big party everytime If you are more such of the betting type than the dancing type, then the poker game table top is the ideal option for you! If you need to put away the billiard balls, and applied your poker face- JM Billiard has the right add-on for your game room. They are releasing their fresh poker table top this year! The innovative table will let you to convert quikly from pool table to poker table in very few and simple stepsSo pull together your friends for a game of pool and poker!The pool table pricing picks are on the web sit. The costs of the billiard pool tables are depending on the level of customization Simply contact JM Billiard to have your best billiard table.

Billiards Online Website

is a Billiards Online site that allows all individuals to acquire whatever they want out of it. They have a ton of advice on many aspects of Billiards. Their Online Bookshelf is a great addition to all the Billiards Online sites in the world. This one has links to eBooks all pertaining to Billiards. Books like Mark Twain, a Biography, Chapter 49: Billiards & Pool, Billiards and Bowling are ones that pop to the forefront. The range of books are great, aging from 1795 (Gr?ndlicher Unterricht Und Regeln Des Billard-Spieles) to 2007 (Running the Table: The Legend of Kid Delicious). With an immense selection of books to select from you can read for days if not weeks on this site alone! The tips section of the site is great as well bringing Billiards, Online! Many tips for how to utilize directional cue ball control to how to setup great traps and setups. The tips section is full of information that all players of Billiards should read. No matter if you are novice or pro you should be reading the tips. They would improve your skillset immensely & you will draw all your play up a notch or two without a doubt. Their Ask Pro Instructors section is an an excellent place to ask for help in your game of Billiards Online. Professional Instructors will help you improve your game in any aspect you have questions on. The amount of information that can be gathered from this site is great and the amount of knowledge that the members have is superior to a lot of other places regarding Billiards Online.

Tips For Finding Great Sites Where You Can Play Pool Or Snooker Online

If you are looking for great sites where you can play pool or snooker online, here are a few things that you need to consider. Some are less important than others but all of them combine to give you a great experience when you play pool or snooker. Taking the time to research any of the sites that you are considering can help you determine in advance which ones have the specific features you are looking for.

One of the important things to check for is that the site understands that there is a difference when you play pool compared with when you play snooker. Although both use a table that has six pockets, the number of balls and the pockets themselves are different. For example, snooker uses smaller pockets and, on very traditional snooker tables, the ends of the rails near the pockets are often shaped differently. This is what makes it more difficult for you to get the balls into the pockets.

Even if you decide to play pool instead of a game of snooker, you want to make sure that there are options. Some of the most common options include 9ball and 8ball. You may want to see if you can choose to play pool on an American table rather than one which follows other guidelines. There are some differences although these can be subtle and, unless you are a purist when it comes to your pool game or snooker game, you may not notice any major differences.

If you love playing against other people, try looking for a site which allows you to take part in a pool game against a live player. If you would like, you can also try to play pool game or game of snooker that is part of a tournament instead. This can be a lot of fun and, if you have the skill to do well, you may end up doing quite well. The problem with playing snooker or deciding to play pool against your computer is that you will not learn any of the strategies that live players may use. You will if you take part in tournaments or other games.

A sign that a pool website is going to be good is that it has achieved recognition from the organizations which oversee snooker and set rules and regulations for the way that people play pool. This can ensure that the information you receive and the rules that are utilized are going to be as accurate as possible. Again, this is important because it can help create a very realistic environment in which to learn basic skills or build upon the ones that you already have.

Although you want to eventually learn how to play pool or snooker against live opponents, you may be interested in a website that allows you to practice on your own. This can be a great help to beginning players and let them get used to the site’s controls and the way that the games are played. This is especially important when you play snooker because of the precise order in which the balls must be potted (a term for sinking the ball in a pocket).

How Does One Prepare For Pool Tournaments?

Participating in pool tournaments can oftentimes be difficult especially if you have scarce resources just to pay entry fees to get into the tournament proper. As in the case of major billiard competition, finding ways on how to get to the venue can also be tough if you also do not have enough money. However, being a professional pool player does not only mean having enough financial resources. It is just a matter of knowing what to do and how to prepare for these tournaments.

In terms of online pool tournaments, preparation can be fairly easy as this can also be the perfect situation to showcase your talents and skills. Online tournaments can be really exciting for most billiard fans. Although online tournaments can seem pretty easy, players, especially novice contenders, oftentimes experience difficulties in winning the match. This is perhaps they take online cue games as easy-to-win competitions. Of course, to avoid losing the match, it is important to ready one’s self really well as various players (including experienced billiard players) will be competing for success.

Among the significant values that players should learn is to have clear game strategies as well as the right outlook toward the game. Days before you take part of the final pool tournaments, it is important to practice playing a number of multiplayer games if possible. This will help you master as many billiard rules as possible. Familiarizing with the major game rules is crucial in winning any pool match. Being conversant with the competition can also help you shape your expectations for yourself and for the tournament. Even some professional pool players get disqualified because they fail to follow tournament rules and regulations. Hence, to avoid the same mistake, it is necessary to understand the rules really well.

Moreover, it is important for you to keep calm during pool tournaments as well as in other sports competition you participate in. If things are turning out different from what you have anticipated, having a clear thought and relaxing your mind can help you figure the best billiard move. This will also guide you in making effective strategies to avoid losing. Keeping your mind off from worries during pool tournaments can also help you to instantly change your strategy to counteract your opponent.

Your success in winning or succumbing to losing greatly depends on how extensive your practice is from the various online billiard games you visit before the pool tournament. Making sure that you look for the best online pool gaming website can give you the exposure benefit of playing online pool. However, it also helps to not forget to enjoy the game despite the seriousness of winning. Thus, choosing very carefully the online gaming site you will use for practice is extremely important. There are actually a number of options that you can consider while searching for the best online pool site to use. But essentially, be sure to select the website that can best help you formulate effective winning strategies as well as helping you enhance your playing skills.

How Can You Decide Quality of Pool Tables

There is a way to decide the quality of pool tables that you use. The pool tables are after all those articles without which there would never be a game of pool possible and these tables ensure that the game is played to the best of standards. A pool table has to be good in quality or else all the money that you pump into buying the table will go down the drain. Quality of tables is very important to analyze for the fact that poor quality will always lead to the table running out of steam very quickly and good quality ultimately pays off in the long run.

A winner pool table and all the English Pool Tables that are played on across the world are very high on quality. Not only are they well constructed but also are very nicely finished and subsequently get praised very lavishly. Starting from the bottom, the legs of the table are always done very nicely. Since they are the edifice on which the surface stands, the wood used on the legs is kept very thick. The polishing too is done with the best of liquid solution and in the end the paint used on them is again of the best quality available. The paint ensures that the surface of the legs remains very smooth and there are no splinters hanging out from those legs.

Once the legs are in place, the surface of the table should be checked out thoroughly. Neither should the rectangular surface too high on dimensional measures nor should it by any shorter. The Winner Pool Table will always have a very measured surface and the surface should be as smooth as ice. The smoothness of the surface ultimately decides how well the game turns out to be. English pool tables always have a very smooth surface and never ever show any signs of roughness.

While doing a thorough reconnaissance of the pool table, the cloth that is spread on the surface and the cushions that hang at the bottom of every pot should be checked thoroughly. The cloth should be impeccable and should be very smooth so that the balls are able to travel without any friction. The edges should be polished off very well so that players do not get hurt while playing and lounging around the table.

These factors will help you judge the quality of the pool table and identify the right piece. When you put in so much money in buying a table, the last thing on your mind would be choosing the wrong table. A wrong choice will leave you heartbroken, so best avoid it by considering these parameters very seriously while buying a table. At the end of it all, you will be quite happy with what you buy and with what you choose for it would be having everything that you would have looked for. Take your pick and you will never be disappointed.

Pool Tables For The Professional Pool Table And Billiards Competitions

Competition-level pool tables are known to be the absolute best of the best. They are selected from the most expertly run companies, that are using the best materials for their precision tables. Every piece of the table is inspected by an expert to ensure that it is perfectly balanced, and assembled in the right way. If the table is off center in any way, it can mess up the competitors, and will be rejected from the competition.

There are many a Pool Table manufacturers and just a few of them are able to manage the desired respect for their products. Competition level tables from Billiadex have been respected in the professional world for quite some time. However, they are grateful that they can now be fully recognized and appreciated in the world of billiard competitions. To make the perfect tables, only top of the line materials can and must be used. Only the best hardwoods are used to make the frames, so that their durability can be relied upon.

For such a class of pool tables the slate is required to be one inch in thickness, and perfectly level for the competitors. One has to check again and again to ensure that their slate is flawless in every way. The frame and rails are made out of deluxe wood, and are designed in a number of different styles to fit the setting and mood they are designed for. There are some decorative additions, which are used, such as antique-style fringed pockets for adding class to each and every table.

In this way, not only do the tables feel ready, but they look ready for their tournaments. Every aspect of these tournaments is run in an expert, professional manner-being a gentlemen’s sport, there is no room for mistakes. The best of the best come to play at these tournaments. People even travel from all over the world to not only compete in the tournaments, but also just to watch them. If you can believe it, you can even buy these tables for yourself. After all, the professionals can’t keep these tables all to themselves, can they? The best part is, while they have professional level quality, they have prices, which cannot be matched. Customers have been raving for years about their prices, and now the word is out.

With beautiful, custom tables coming in just about any style you can imagine, it is no wonder that they have such a high ranking for customer satisfaction. These tables are also perfect for perfecting your skills so you can enter a competition of your own. After all, do you think Michael Phelps practiced for the Olympics in a children’s pool? If you want to be a professional, you need to practice on a professional-level table. You will be competition ready in no time, as you run your drills on your table, and learn the ins and outs of what it is like to be in an actual competition. You can check out the various styles and designs, as well as the special features which can be added on their website, .

There is no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself like a professional, and add a competition table to your house. No matter what room you choose to center it in, there should be a style, which matches your decor perfectly. If you are interested in checking out any of these tables for yourself, you are just in time-the new 2011 line of tables is just being released, and promises to not disappoint. They guarantee to have just about any table you can imagine, to fulfill your dream of a competition-level pool table.