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Chevillotte Billiard has large collection of delicately crafted billiards tables. We help to complete your dream of having a superior choice billiard table for your home or business. At Chevillotte Billiard, discerning tastes will appreciate our professional grade Billiards tables for sale. We have extraordinary pool tables in a large number of styles for any budget. Value is our leading principle so even our cheap Billiards tables boast fantastic execution and variety. On many of our tables, you can separately choose a cloth color to match your interior decoration.

Having your own quality Billiards tables you can definitely provide entertainment for your family and your friends, and help you take your game to the next level. Find the best Billiards tables for sale on the Chevillotte Billiards website by checking out our suppliers. Billiard is called a sport of kings and you will feel like a King when you will have an affordable and supreme quality Billiards tables, so buy an ultimate crafted billiards tables from Chevillotte Billiard.

Chevillotte Billiards provides billiard table in different sizes like 3X6, 4X8 Pro, 4X8 Home, 5X10 Billiard, and 6X12 Snooker. The most popular size is 4X8 (44X88″ Playfield). Choose standard quality Billiards tables made by Chevillotte to enjoy the game of pool for whole of your life without any kinds of pool table related problems. Chevillotte also offer all guidance to the customer about what size and which type of table should be purchase depending on the size of the space, adjustment of your billiard lamp over the table, shipping time, method of payment, assembling your billiard table once it reaches your home.

Chevillotte provides repair and maintenance to the complete pleasure of our precious customers under one roof. Through our commitment, prompt service and fair dealing we promise customer’s gladness. Our products find ready acceptance and are extremely valued by billiard enthusiasts across the world. Apart from US and Europe, we have our clients dispersed over an enormous worldwide ground as well as at home.

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Learn All About Billiards Pool And Its Accessories From Dedicated Billiards Stores

Billiards is just one of the many sport activities that are enjoyed by people, and some have an extreme passion for it. This sport includes the practice of specific knowledge, and learning of many technical details is important in order to play the game appropriately. Billiards is a game of diligence, and to do well in the game it is necessary to have the right pool cue and to learn all the right steps in game play in order to win the game in the end. It is a game of mind tricks and intelligence, so, before starting to play this sport, it is important to know all about the game and the accessories that are required to play properly.

If you are planning to set up a pool table in your home or office, then you should have all the information about the accessories required for a proper set up, and most importantly, a quality source for the necessary accessories – on that will offer you the best billiard equipment and quality advice. There are some online service providers who offer billiard equipment and information on their website, but the best ones have a physical store where you can browse, as well. Unlike the store, though, you can access the website anytime, and you will find some of the best billiard information and accessories, which will make your ownership experience more interesting and unique.

There are many accessories available in the sport of pool and billiards, and one of the most important is Pool Sticks. The main point that you have to keep in mind when you plan to purchase a pool stick, is the use you will have for it and the way YOU like to play. The factors that help you to determine the type of stick you will need include its overall strength, durability, and construction, as well as its ease in carrying and storage, and the basic aesthetic design of the stick, also.

A Pool Cue is the one product of this game that is available in a wide range of stores as well as online. So, it is necessary to buy these products from a well-known and trustworthy dealer who will understand your passion for the game, and the value of your hard-earned dollar. Another interesting and important aspect is to select a billiard store who can supply you cues, chalk, and other accessories that are in sync with your persona.

Pool Cue Store offers you the best and most affordable supplies, so that you can enjoy playing your favorite sport. You can also visit their online store that is easily accessible 24/7, and you can also get the right information about the dealer, the services and the products they are offering to you, and their location, which will help you in making a wise decision. So, seek the benefit from selecting only the most credible, reliable, and affordable billiard accessories dealer in order to enjoy playing billiards with reliable accessories and supplies.

How to Choose a Perfect Pool Table

There are ways to choose a perfect pool table. But choosing a perfect pool table is a necessity and not a luxury because of the fact that the game has to go on smoothly and if you wish to have it happen smoothly, then you have no choice left at your disposal but to buy a good pool table. The table will ensure that it lasts you for a long time and that it never fails to give you that pleasurable experience of playing a wonderful game of pool. A good pool table will always give you the pleasure of a life time when you are out there playing and competing with someone. The well furnished will not only act as a good pedestal for a good game of pool but will also give you a felling of playing on a very well done and superbly made table.

There are many parameters that have to be taken into consideration while choosing a good pool table. The wood that the table gets made out of is very important. The polishing of the table should have been done well with no splinters coming out. Splinters coming out of the table would mean that your skin might get rubbed with it and start peeling off. The cloth that is spread on top of the surface where the game is played is also of paramount importance. Apart from the cloth, the surface also ought to be polished well. Both these factors ensure that players never fail to get a good game under their belt and are always ready to get going anytime they want. The cushions where the balls fall when they get potted are also very important to check. The cushions have to be very soft and should be such that the balls do not fall out of them when out inside. Torn and distorted cushions are a big no.

The dimensions of the table also need to be measured well. By measuring these dimensions, one gets a fair idea about the space the table would be consuming and also the way it needs to be arranged inside the hall. The arrangement has to be impeccable for the fact that the room should be big enough to accommodate the table and also have space for players to fit in and play. If the table consumes all the space and players are not even comfortable standing around the table, then the whole purpose of buying that table gets defeated.

Buy pool table after considering the warranty period that comes with the table and is very important. Any anomaly or malfunction should be addressed to immediately so that players do not have to wait for long to have the new table in place for resuming the game. The final aspect would be perhaps having additional paraphernalia in place. These components add a lot of value to the game. Think of all this before buying the table and then you can take your pick.

Pool Cues How to Pick The Right One For You

When you play pool at your local pub some of the cues on offer are that beat up that you may as well be playing with a broom you are a regular player you will one day want to buy your own cue. Here are a few tips to help you with your decision.There are dozens of brands on the market ranging from $50 to $5000 so which is the best for you? Ist of all you should consider what price range you can afford.Remember this can be like buying a new driver for golf just because it has a $1000 price tag doesn’t guarantee that you will hit the ball any straighter or further.

You also have to take into consideration whether you want a one piece or two piece cue. A one piece cue will usually be made of wood or graphite but can be hard to travel with. A two piece cue as the name implies comes in two pieces and usually comes in a custom made cue case. A lot of pros use cues made from lighter materials such as graphite and carbon fibre. It is advised that the beginner or amature player use a wooden slightly heavier cue to give the player more control over his shots. Personally i would go with a medium price range and nothing too fancy,and while your in the shop dont be shy about asking advice from the you have unlinited funds you can have a custom made cue made with specfic weight and claim to help you shoot straighter and with more consistently.

But you have to ask yourself if spending 100s of dollars will actually help your main thing that will help your game is practice and knowledge of the gameSome cues are even embedded with a personal serial number. Anyway in not writing this article to promote any particular brand or company but i would like you to consider the few little friendly tips i have given bottom line is ignore brands and find and buy a cue that fits your needs and budget.

The Education of a Poolplayer

I was around 8-years-old when my father first took me along with him to the pool hall. Longo’s Billiards was on the second floor of an old building on South Street in Philadelphia, where Fat Tuesday’s now stands. At the top of a long flight of stairs a city curfew sign spelled out the precise times when minors had to be off the streets.

As soon as you opened the door you could hear the staccato clacking of a hundred ivory balls punctuated by the crash of a break shot. There were two long rows of magnificent 5ft x 10ft tables, 15 in all. The owners, Phil Longo and his wife, Mamie, doted on them, methodically brushing the felt tops, polishing the ornate, exotic wood rails, bodies and legs, and watching like hawks for even a hint of any abuse by the players. It never happened. Just about everybody in place at any given time was a regular, and they treated the tables with reverence, like they were the best tables in the world – and they very well may have been.

Longo’s was a legendary venue on the pro billiards circuit, and hosted tournaments in a section of the room that had grandstand seating and a manual scoreboard. Local legends Jack Dean, Ed “Boomtown” White, and Sonny Butera, among others, ran rack after rack without a miss during games of 125-points before standing room only crowds. The clientele was a racially diverse group of mostly older, and invariably well-dressed, men. Except for Mamie I never saw a woman there.

Phil took an instant liking to me. He and Mamie had no children, and they treated me like an adopted son. After a couple of visits I wanted to play. Phil got a wooden milk crate to get me above the tabletop, and began tutoring me in pool. He was a pretty good player himself. He showed me how to hold the cue, cradled gently in my right hand, and how to make the basic bridges with my left hand.

I took to the game like a duck to water, much to the delight of Phil and my father. Early on, the regulars gathered to watch “the kid” bang the balls around. Soon, I had a dozen tutors working on my stroke, and teaching me the finer points of the game, like bank shots and putting english (spin) on the cue ball. In a couple of years I could beat a lot of them at 50-point games, and 8-ball. The best all-around player at Longo’s was “Boomtown” White, a tall, lean black man with a pencil-thin mustache. “Boomie” was quiet, laidback, cool. Playing for money was against the rules at Longo’s, but as long it was done discreetly and didn’t cause any problems Phil looked the other way. Nobody ever gambled with “Boomie.” Not if they knew him. I jumped at the chance for a quick game with him, just to put my hand on the same table where his was, as if I could magically absorb his skill.

As long as my homework was getting done my father took me to Longo’s a couple of nights a week. It was walking distance from our house. At 12-years-old or so I walked over early on Saturdays, and spent the entire day there. After helping Phil with some odd jobs – cleaning under the tables, polishing the balls, brushing the tabletops – he let me play for free the rest of the day.

The world changed, and so did I, during my years at the pool hall. JFK was assassinated, the Beatles transformed music and fashion, the civil rights movement came to the fore, and the Vietnam war wrought escalating protest and social unrest. High school took me out of the protective, and increasingly stifling, boundaries of my neighborhood. My driver’s license, in 1969, was my ticket to freedom and adventure. I went to the pool hall less and less, until finally I just dropped in occasionally to say hello to Phil and Mamie. They understood, like parents understand when their kids go off on their own to make their way in the world.

Familiarizing Yourself With Pool Equipment

The Balls that are used on the table are divided into three groups. First group is solids, the second group is stripes, and the last group is just one ball named the cue ball.

The stripes have colored stripes on them and the solid ball has similar colors to the stripes only they are each a solid color. The cue ball is just a simple white ball.

Every number has the numbers one through fifteen on them, except for the cue ball. The balls with numbers one through eight are solids.

The balls with numbers nine through fifteen are stripes. The only ball that you can directly control in this game is the cue ball.

You control the cue ball with a cue stick. You should never hit any of the balls directly with the stick just the cue ball.

The cue ball will bounce into other balls on the table and eventually knock them into the holes on the table.

The cue stick is a long a pointy stick and should not be used as a conductor wand. The Cue Stick can be put into three essential parts.

The tip, the shaft and the butt. The tip is a small white piece that is just an half inch long.

It is found at the skinniest side of the stick. The Shaft is what connects the tip and the butt.

It is a smooth, long and narrow stick. The butt is the thickest part of the cue stick.

The end normally has some kind of a rubber bumper on the end. This allows you to place the stick on the floor.

The cue sticks normal length is fifty eight inches long. With practice you will learn how to control the cue stick well.

In order to play Pool you need a Pool Table. Pool tables are about four feet wide and nine feet in length.

You are usually covered in green surface made of polyester and wool. A table has six pockets on them.

The table has three hole located on its longest sides and two on its shortest side. Four of the balls are located in corners.

The pool table also has rails which keep the balls in play until they bounce into a hole, known as a pocket. The rail is used to balance your non-dominant hand to make shots.

Another basic item that is always found on or near a pool table is a rack. The rack is very important in order to be able to play pool.

Although there various kinds of racks, the one that every pool table has is in the shape of a triangle. When you start the game you will fill all the balls in a rack, this is called racking.

To rack you need to pack all of the balls into it. The balls do not have to be in any particular order.

Push all the balls into one corner and make sure there are no balls missing. The rack should be completely filled.

A good ball rack should not leave any gaps between ANY of the balls. If you have this problem you should buy a new rack.

Purposes to Provide You The Top Quality Billiards Table at Affordable Price

French based Billiards Company, Chevillotte Billiards is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Online, Online Billiard Table, Pool Table and all other Billiards accessories. We maintain our good reputation in this industry and our product touch the international standard quality set by Billiard Congress of America (BCA) for use in authorized tournaments. Chevillotte Billiards supply many different verities of Tables and its accessories to our valuable clients around all over the world.

Chevillotte Billiards, purposes to supply you the best quality Billiard at very affordable prices. We also have slate based tables and tables that will meet your budget. We are bound up to deliver our services in the best manageable mode at highly competitive prices. We also have a complete accessories range of cues, balls, cue racks and anything you can think of for your perfect Billiards.

Chevillotte Billiards offers a broad variety of furniture style world class Billiards. Each Table are made by the hands of well trained and skilled craftsmen using 100% solid maple or oak wood. The main advantage of handmade Table is its fabulous art and skill of finishing, hand painting and carving. Our Billiard Tables are joined with wood blocks for better strength and durability.

Chevillotte Billiards also provide all guidance to our valuable client around all over the world relating to what size and which type of table have to to obtain depending on the size of the room, adjustment of your billiard lamp more than the table, shipping time, strategy of payment, assembling your billiards table the moment it reaches your property. Chevillotte Billiards provides all information about delivery and set up anywhere in metropolitan area. You can choose from numerous standard models that can be modified to suit your decor needs.

As a trusted supplier of pool table accessories we are committed to making your experience with us as easy and satisfying as possible. We offer a wide range of colors like shades of red, blue and green to shades of grey, black and orange is also available. Our products are made to the premier standards and come with outstanding service. We use the finest timber such as Teak, Sheesham Sangwan, Sall and add decorative inlays.

Apart from US and Europe, we have our clients dispersed over an enormous worldwide ground as well as at home. We provide all information about delivery and set up any where in metropolitan area. You can choose from numerous standard models that can be modified to suit your decor needs. All billiards tables are supplied after giving them finishing touch to their supreme levels. Chevillotte is one of the major Manufacturers and Exporters of Billiard Tables. Chevillotte provides Online Billiard at affordable price.

Chevillotte Export Department 27 Boulevard Malesherbes 75008 Paris France Phone: + 33 1 47 42 43 60 Fax: +33 1 48 21 85 52 Email: export@