Support Your Local Bartender

There was once a guy who went into a bar with a racehorse. After boozing it up all evening, the bartender was expecting something in return for the impeccable service he had provided the guy all night. He didn’t even complain that the steed was taking up three stools and never ordering anything but a sugar cube now-and-again.

At last call, the patron called over the barkeep, “You’ve been great all night!” The server nodded. That’s when the drunk said to him, “I’ve got a tip for you. Bet on this stallion in the third at Pimlico.”

Nice fella.

How to Tip

When you give your bartender a tip, you’re showing one of two things: You have no class or you’re a real stand-up guy. It’s a test of character to leave behind something appropriate for the service. You have a high degree of social grooming even if you’re popped off your butt. Since a show of monetary appreciation is a portion of what they get paid by the boss, you want to be a swell and not a swine.

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